Modulator Driver Solutions for Optical Transmission System Applications

SHF Amplet

The SHF system amplifiers are an industry-approved solution for 40 G and 100 G modulator drivers with an excellent balance between outstanding performance and costs. The technology is based on SHF’s more than 25 years experience in broad band amplifier and MMIC chip design.

With the small form factor (SFF) package design for compactness, SHF system amplifiers are perfectly suited as amplifying block between the SERDES and optical modulator in optical transmission system modules such as 300 PIN MSA transponders and transceivers. A wide range of modulation formats for line and client side applications are supported. The interoperability of our drivers with 40G SERDES chipsets and existing single-ended as well as dual-drive optical modulators is proven by our industry users.

Key Features:

  • Single-ended and differential versions
  • AC-coupled input and output with Mini-SMP (GPPO ® compatible) connectors
  • Qualified to Telcordia standards
  • Output level control capability
  • Crossing control capability
  • Low power dissipation
  • Output voltage options:
    - 3.5 V for EML and NRZ
    - 7.5 V for DPSK
    - 7.5 V with integrated Bessel filter for duobinary
    - differential 6 V for dual drive NRZ and DPSK
    - quad channel 7.5 V for DP-QPSK

Our family of SHF system driver amplifiers is designed for cost sensitive telecommunication transmission applications. The minimum order quantity for those amplifiers is 20 pieces. Prior to exchange of further, more detailed information the implementation of a mutual non-disclosure agreement is required.

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