• We want you: Sales Agent in California
    SHF is looking for a representative based in California.
    Mar/20/2014 15:31
  • New Product Line: Compact Bench-Top BERT & Clock Generator
    SHF’s new developments
    - the SHF 12124 A Bit Pattern Generator,
    - the SHF 11125 A Error Analyzer and
    - the SHF 78120 A Synthesized Clock Generator
    are the first instruments of an all new product section within SHF’s product portfolio: “Compact Bench-Top BERT and Extension Modules”.

    Jan/29/2014 15:31
  • SHF Journal for September available now!
    The new SHF Journal for September is available now. The headlines are
    - New Product Releases
    - Guaranteed Operation to 60 Gbps
    - New Compact Dual-Differential Channel Error Analyzer
    - New 4-Bit DAC
    - 3-Bit DAC Upgraded to 43 Gbaud Operation

    Sep/18/2013 15:31
  • Compact 30 Gbps BPG
    The SHF 12124 A is available now!
    Mar/05/2013 15:31
  • Refurbished SHF BPG’s and EA's
    The most cost effective way to 50 Gbps!
    Feb/05/2013 15:31
  • New Digital Modules
    SHF’s long expertise in designing high speed MMICs has augmented to the development of new high speed digital circuits. As a result of this effort SHF introduces a small family of brand new digital Modules, the SHF 6 series:

    - SHF 601 A (60 Gbps 2:1 Multiplexer)
    - SHF 621 A (60 Gbps...

    Feb/23/2012 10:19
  • NEW: Optical QAM Transmitter
    Continuous enhancements of the SHF 46213 C optical transmitter lead to the improved capabilities of the new SHF 46213 D. This plug-in now incorporates ultra linear amplifiers enabling not only to transmit (D)QPSK but also QAM signals at speeds of up to 32 Gbaud.
    Oct/27/2011 10:19
  • New Amplifier:
    SHF 807

    The SHF 807 ultra linear laboratory amplifier is a new introduction, designed and specifically optimised for multi-level and analog signals.
    Aug/07/2011 10:19
  • 14 to 28 GHz Frequency Doubler
    The SHF 1428 A converts an input clock signal in the range 12…16,5 GHz into a 24…33 GHz signal.
    May/16/2011 00:00
  • Skew Control at SHF BPG
    The Option SC of the SHF 12103A Bit Pattern Generator adds the capability to control the skew of each of the individual sub-rate outputs relative to one another.
    Mar/23/2011 00:00
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